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Terms & Condition

Please read & follow the following rules: 

1. Please ensure the ETA (Estimate to Arrive) is acceptable before purchase. Also, note that actual release time may be delay without notified. Q1 (January – March), Q2 (April – June), Q3 (July – September), Q4 (October – December).


2. Before paying the orders, customers are responsible to check for all details including item, variation, quantity and shipping details. Customer are allowed to make change before shipping confirmed. Customers who failed to make it will not be entertained.

3. A shipping invoice together with remaining balance will be sent via email when items are ready to be shipped. Customers who failed to pay within 14 days are marked as cancellation, no refunds will be given.


4. Sales taxes are included and based on transaction fees, updating and upload products, packaging all the orders. For replacement service of damaged figures' part that purchased in GKAniMerch, please Contact Us.

Any changes are allowed to be made by GKAniMerch in legal and logical reasons.

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